Callistemon salignus (Sm.) Sweet var. viridiflorus (Sims) F.Muell.

Half hardy, erect to spreading shrub or small tree with papery white bark, purplish-pink new growth, willow-like leaves, and greenish flowers in the typical bottlebrush spikes, to 5cm long, in spring and summer.  To 10m.  [RHSE, Hortus, FNSW, Hilliers’].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘This species [Metrosideros viridiflora], which appears to us to be an undescribed one, approaches very near to M. saligna; but differs in having less flexible branches, leaves quite smooth, darker green, smaller, more rigid and pungent, not so much narrowed at the base, and more evidently petioled; calyx, corolla, and stamens all green; the latter much longer, and pointing outwards.’  [BM t. 2602/1825].  Introduced to Britain in 1818.  [PD].

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1857 catalogue only [T.682/1857].  Grows naturally in low-lying river flats and damp creeks from northern Victoria to Queensland and would have been easily collected by William Macarthur.


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Figured are the willow-like leaves and green bottle-brush flowers.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.2602, 1825.

Callistemon salignus (Sm.) Sweet var. viridiflorus (Sims) F.Muell. | BM t.2602/1825 | BHL

More details about Callistemon salignus (Sm.) Sweet var. viridiflorus (Sims) F.Muell.
Family Myrtaceae
Region of origin

Eastern Australia

  • Metrosideros saligna Sm.
  • Metrosideros viridiflora Sims
  • Callistemon viridiflorum (Sims) Sweet
  • Melaleuca salicina Craven
Common Name

Green-flowered white bottlebrush, Sweet willow bottlebrush

Name in the Camden Park Record

Metrosideros viridiflorus 

Confidence level high