Rubus idaeus subsp. vulgatus ‘Common Red’

See Rubus idaeus L. subsp. vulgatus for a description. The ‘Common Red Raspberry’ is the wild type.



Horticultural & Botanical History

The ‘Common Red Raspberry’ was described by Don as a worthless red fruit.

The illustration of the Wild Raspberry is taken from William Woodville’s Medical Botany [Medical Botany vol. 3, pl.176/1832].



History at Camden Park

Listed in all catalogues as ‘Common red Raspberry’ [Raspberry no.1/1843].




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Figured is a prickly shoot with 3-pinnate, toothed leaves and red, segmented fruits. Medical Botany vol. 3, pl.176, 1832.

Rubus idaeus subsp. vulgatus | Medical Botany vol. 3, pl.176/1832 | BHL


More details about Rubus idaeus subsp. vulgatus ‘Common Red’
Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Europe, including Britain, to North Asia, but widely naturalised

  • Old Red
  • Wild Red


Common Name

Raspberry, European Raspberry

Name in the Camden Park Record

Common red Raspberry



Confidence level high