Malus domestica ‘Braddick’s Nonpareil’

Fruit; medium, roundish and flattened. Skin; smooth, greenish yellow, brownish-red next the sun, russet around the eye, and patches of brown russet elsewhere. Flesh; yellowish, rich, sugary and aromatic. [HP pl.XXI/1878].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘One of the best winter dessert apples, in use from November to April, and by many considered more sweet, and tender, than the old Nonpareil. The tree is quite hardy, a slender grower, and never attains to a large size, but is a very excellent bearer. It succeeds well on the paradise stock, and is well adapted for dwarfs, or for being grown as an espalier. This excellent variety was raised by John Braddick, Esq., of Thames Ditton.’ [Hogg p.43/1851].

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1850 and 1857 catalogues [Apple no.44/1850].


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9 varieties of apple are figured here, all small to medium sized, yellow skin, flushed red. Herefordshire Pomona pl.21, 1878.

Apple ‘Braddick’s Nonpareil’ | HP pl.21/1878 - Braddick's Nonpareil is in the bottom group, centre right | RBGS


More details about Malus domestica ‘Braddick’s Nonpareil’
Family Rosaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, England

  • Ditton Nonpareil


Common Name

Apple, Dessert apple

Name in the Camden Park Record

Braddock’s Nonpareil 

Confidence level high