Watsonia meriana (L.) Mill. var. fulgens

For a description of the species see Watsonia meriana (L.) Mill.  Fulgens is a variety with bright scarlet flowers.  [RHSD].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘The tallest of the genus yet known to us.  Blows freely towards the end of summer, with a succession of bloom for a month or longer.  Seeds and produces offsets in abundance.  Requires a largish and very deep pot, light earth, and plenty of water after it has shown the flowering stem. […] A native of the Cape, and now common in most of the nurseries about town; as well as the variety (alpha) which, however, is a much less desirable plant, on account of the dullness of its colour.’  [BM t.600/1802].  

FS p.1077/1856.  ABR t.192/1801.

History at Camden Park

Watsonia fulgens was presented to the Sydney Botanic Gardens by Messrs. Macarthur, c.1831.  [RBGS AB1].  It was listed in the Addendum to the 1843 catalogue as Watsonia iridiflora fulgens but appears in no subsequent editions.  It seems likely that Macarthur recognised it as being identical to Watsonia meriana.


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Figured is a sword-shaped leaf and tubular funnel-shaped deep red flowers.  Curtis's Botanical Magazine t.600, 1802.

Watsonia meriana (L.) Mill. var. fulgens | BM t.600/1802 | BHL

More details about Watsonia meriana (L.) Mill. var. fulgens
Family Iridaceae
Region of origin

South Africa, Cape district

  • Watsonia iridifolia Ker-Gawl
  • Gladiolus iridifolius Jacq.
  • Antholyza fulgens Andr.
  • Watsonia fulgens Pers. 
Common Name

Bugle lily

Name in the Camden Park Record

Watsonia Iridiflora fulgens 

Confidence level high