Thunbergia alata Bojer ex Sims var. fryeri

See Thunbergia alata Bojer ex Sims. Fryeri has pale yellow flowers with a white centre, probably naturally occurring.  [RHSD]. 

Horticultural & Botanical History

Thunbergia alata Freyerii, ‘Fryer’s Orange-flowered Thunbergia’, is described as orange in an American flower seed catalogue of 1856 [Amateur’s Guide and Flower Garden Directory p.29/1856].

History at Camden Park

Seed ordered from Warner & Warner, Seedsmen and Florists, Cornhill, on 12th April 1846.  [MP A2933-1, p.131].  This is the only record.


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More details about Thunbergia alata Bojer ex Sims var. fryeri
Family Acanthaceae
Region of origin

Tropical Africa

  • Thunbergia fryeri Hort. ex Vilm. 
Common Name

Yellow black-eyed Susan

Name in the Camden Park Record

Thunbergia Freyerii 

Confidence level high