Sinningia speciosa ‘Erecta Magnifica’

Probably a cultivar of Sinningia speciosa (Lodd.) Hiern. The erecta cultivars are similar to ‘Fyfiana’, which see.  ‘Erecta Magnifica’ could well belong to this group. I have found no detailed description of this cultivar and the name magnifica gives no real clues.

Horticultural & Botanical History

Gloxinia erecta is the name given to an erect-flowered group of cultivars bred in Germany nine years after ‘Fyfiana’ was developed in Scotland, i.e. about 1853.  [Gesneriad Register – Sinningia].  A number of cultivars are shown in the accompanying illustration, of unknown origin, but probably from a German publication.

History at Camden Park

Listed only in an appendix to the 1857 catalogue [A.60/1857].


Gloxinia x magnifica Hort. has rose-pink flowers, white deep in the throat, striped deeper rose.  [BR f.48/1844]. This plant may be identical with Macarthur’s erecta magnifica although this is unlikely as the flower shown is a slipper gloxinia. It appears to be identical to other Sinningia speciosa cultivars of the day with little or no evidence of the putative Sinningia guttata Lindl. male parent.  See Siningia x Cartoni Hort. and Sinningia x insignis Hort. for Glendinning's explanation of the origin of these cultivars.  Gloxinia x magnifica is illustrated at these entries.

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Figured are ten upright gloxinias in shades of pink, white and purple.  Unknown origin.

Sinningia speciosa ‘Erecta’ |


More details about Sinningia speciosa ‘Erecta Magnifica’
Family Gesneriaceae
Region of origin

Probably garden origin, Germany

  • Sinningia speciosa (Lodd.) Hiern convariety fyfiana var. erecta magnifica
  • Gloxinia speciosa ‘Erecta Magnifica’


Common Name


Name in the Camden Park Record

Gloxinia erecta magnifica  


Confidence level low