Lobelia laxiflora H.B. & K.

Half-hardy perennial or sub-shrub with toothed, lance-shaped leaves and red and yellow flowers.  To 1.5m.  [RHSD, Hortus].

Horticultural & Botanical History

‘A very variable species, with the habit of Tupa or Siphocampylus, to which latter genus Don refers it without hesitation.  In our present specimens the leaves are crowded, broadly lanceolate, acuminate, wrinkled, more or less downy, especially the upper ones.  The flowers do not extend much beyond the length of the leaves.  Or L. lanceolata and angulato-dentata (supra, p.301.) and L. ovalifolia (supra, p.299), belong to the same group with the present, and may possibly be forms of the same species: but if so it is the most variable with which we are acquainted.’  [Botany of Captain Beechy’s Voyage p.437/1841].  Introduced to Britain in 1825.  [JD].

History at Camden Park

Desideratum to Loddiges’ Nursery on 6th January 1845.  [MP A2933-2, p.28].


Lobelia persicifolia (Gaudich.) Endl. (1836) = Clermontia persicifolia Gaudich.

Lobelia persicaefolia Lam. (1792) is a species from the Caribbean and north coast of South America and is a possible identification for Macarthur’s plant.

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The figure shows detail of the flowers of Lobelia laxiflora on the right. Flora of Guatemala p.424, fig.54. 1976

Lobelia laxiflora H.B. & K. | Flora of Guatemala Fig. 54 p.424/1976 | BHL. Detail of the flowers of Lobelia laxiflora is shown on the right.

More details about Lobelia laxiflora H.B. & K.
Family Campanulaceae
Region of origin


  • Lobelia persicifolia Cav.
  • Lobelia rigidula H.B. & K.
  • Lobelia lanceolata Hook. & Arn.
  • Lobelia angulato-dentata Hook. & Arn.
  • Siphocampylus bicolor Don
Common Name

Bellflower lobelia, Looseflower lobelia

Name in the Camden Park Record

Lobelia persicifolia 

Confidence level medium