Isoloma tubiflorum Decne.

Frost tender, perennial, shrubby gesneriad with hairy, ovate leaves, paler beneath, and small, tubular, yellow flowers, tinged with red.  [RHSD].

Horticultural & Botanical History

Introduced to Britain in 1846.  [RHSD].

History at Camden Park

Only recorded in a handwritten entry in a copy of the 1850 catalogue held at the Mitchell Library and inscribed on the front Wm. Macarthur, 23rd Dec. 1854.  [ML635.9m].


Another, perhaps less likely possibility is Dolichodeira tubiflora Hanst., synonyms for which include Gesneria tubiflora Endl., Achimenes tubiflora Britton, Gloxinia tubiflora Hook., Sinningia tubiflora Fritsch.  From South America, it is a tuberous perennial with downy, slender-pointed, opposite, oblong leaves, and panicles of white flowers, to 3cm across, in summer.  [RHSD].  It is figured in Curtis’s Botanical Magazine and the Botanical Register as Gloxinia tubiflora.  Introduced to Europe in 1815.  [BM t.3971/1842, BR f.1845/1836]. 

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More details about Isoloma tubiflorum Decne.
Family Gesneriaceae
Region of origin


  • Gesneria tubiflora Cav.
  • Brachyloma tubiflorum (Cav.) Oerst.
  • Kohleria tubiflorum (Cav.) Hanst.
Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Gesnera tubiflora 

Confidence level medium