Gladiolus ‘Hero’

Camden Park hybrid.  Gladiolus x colvilli x Gladiolus x gandavensis hybrid.  Described in William Macarthur’s note books, in an entry dated December 23rd, 1847, as G. Colvilli-gandavensis no.1, that is hybrid no.1 of a cross between Gladiolus x colvilli x G. gandavensis.  ‘Flowered first time early 1846.  Large, handsomely shaped with [next word not clear] developed flowers, colour rich crimson scarlet with purple crimson spots on the lower lobes.  Robust, branching scape, 3-4 feet high, numerous flowers.  Very handsome.’  By 1848 it had produced 3 large roots and 16 offsets.  [MP A2948-5].

Horticultural & Botanical History

No additional data.


History at Camden Park

Listed only in the 1857 catalogue [B.144/1857].  Macarthur and Bidwill produced a large number of hybrid gladioli of which Gladiolus x gandavensis was a parent, some of which were named and listed in the Camden Park catalogues.


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More details about Gladiolus ‘Hero’
Family Iridaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, Camden Park

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Gladiolus Hero 

Confidence level high