Crinum scabro-pedunculatum ‘Thisbe’

A Crinum zeylanicum L. x Crinum pedunculatum R.Br. hybrid.  Originally Crinum scabro-pedunculatum hybrid no.6 in Macarthur’s notebook. ‘Thisbe’, [although difficult to read].  Flowers very like that of Augusta but smaller and lacking that beautiful colour outside.  Stripe inside and form of petals much the same. [MP A2948 Notebook no.4, p.40]. This plant was probably bred by John Bidwill. See Crinum scabro-pedunculatum ‘Augusta’ for more detail.

Horticultural & Botanical History

See Crinum scabro-pedunculatum no.5 for more information on these hybrids.

History at Camden Park

Listed in the 1845, 1850 and 1857 catalogues as Crinum scabro-pedunculatum [B.93/1845].  This name presumably covers all the hybrids raised, some of which were named after 1845.  Crinum scabro-pedunculatum varieties ‘Augusta’, ‘Cleopatra’, ‘Helen’, ‘Dido’ and ‘Thisbe’ were hand-written in a copy of the 1850 catalogue in the Camden Park collection, signed William Macarthur and dated 1850-51 [CPA].  This catalogue also contains a full price list, the five hybrids priced at 2/6 and 5/-.  The catalogue numbers 94/2 – 94/6 were allotted them by Macarthur, presumably to assist with ordering.  They are also listed on a hand-written page, 6a, in an 1850 catalogue in the Mitchell Library collection, this one signed Wm. Macarthur and dated 23rd Dec. 1854.  [ML 635.9m].  Detailed descriptions are given in William Macarthur’s gardening notebooks [MP A2948], with additional material on ‘Augusta’ in Bidwill’s notebook [Bidwill p.7]. 

It seems highly likely that the bulk of the notes on the Crinum scabrum Herb. x Crinum pedunculatum R.Br. hybrids in Macarthur’s notebooks are in John Bidwill’s hand, with additional pencil notes by William Macarthur.


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More details about Crinum scabro-pedunculatum ‘Thisbe’
Family Amaryllidaceae
Region of origin

Garden origin, Camden Park

Common Name
Name in the Camden Park Record

Crinum scabro-pedunculatum var. ‘Thisbe’


Confidence level high